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"Fantastic beaches, pictorial cities, magnificent monasteries and always sun "
With over 3.000 hours of sun in the year , it belongs to the golden beaches
of the Algarve ,where holiday-makers are spoiled climatically.
In addition, the silver coast (Costa Prata) or the Green coast and historical
pregnant cities such as Lisbon and Porto make of  the
journey in the southwest of Europe a unique experience.
Excerpt from "FREIZEIT REVUE"
( where the world is most beautiful: )  Edition April 2002:

One of the last Holiday-paradises in Europe:
Portugal is a wonderful  country in the south of Europe, one of  the last
Holiday-paradises without too much Tourism.

The capital Lisbon, with its special Flair, is not only a modern large city but
offers also to the visitor famous buildings and monuments, tradition and culture,
and is internationally well-known.

The Costa Prata:
The Costa Prata, also mentioned silver coast , with its delightful landscape,
is situated between Porto and Lisbon and combines everything that one can
dream of a holiday country.
Here you find  nearly deserted sand beaches and crystal-clear, clean water,
green, flowering dunes and hills, with wonderful trees up to the beaches and
naturally innumerable palms and cactusses, in order to call only some points
of this delightful coast.

Here a healthy, mild climate with much sun prevails, also during the winter months.
The high summer at the Costa Prata brings temperatures of maximally 30 degrees,
and in the winter the Temparatur falls rarely under 15° at the day and 10° at night.

Of course the Costa Prata offers also a large coice of  sport activities. Waterskiing
in each form, diving, Surf, Wind Surf, Fishing, Riding, Tennis, Kite flying, etc. and as
special attraction of Golf-courts directly at the sea.

In addition, the Serra-da-Estrela offers you winter sports possibilities for skiing
You reach this area, which provides a unusually mild climate, in 2 to 3 hours by car,
depending upon starting point.

You also get a culturally very rich variety of historical buildings, monasteries,
cathedrals, castles,  fortresses etc.

The Portuguese are very tradition conscious and maintain their traditional customs,
also in the practice of their occupation.  In many localities you meet fishermen and
market-women in folcloristic clothes who do their work invariably, as before one
hundred years.
The Portuguese are also very friendly and merry people, who celebrate gladly and
often, the carnival in this region is one of the most spectacular events.

Also are there very good purchase possibilities, where you can find fashion shops,
whose offer in Chic and elegance is not inferior to our mode metropolises of larger
cities , but are substantially lower-priced.

The cost of living in this coastal region is low, this concerns also food, craftsman costs etc..
Also real estates, houses, properties or mansions at the sea are affordable and in relation
to different holiday-regions still favorable.

Worth knowing:
However the criminality rate is substantially lower than in the other southern countries.
Naturally Portugal has very good road connections, and a very good  motorway
between Porto, Nazaré, Leiria and Lisbon, also the medical supply is very well organized.
Therefore the Costa Prata or silver coast offer ideal conditions for an unforgettable
vacation in one of the comfortable holiday houses or apartments, and is also  suitable for
domiciliation as a continuous guest, or as second domicile for older people.

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