We are a Belgian Real Estate bureau with many years of experience in the sector.

Since some time we have divided our activities between Belgium and Portugal, more specifically the Algarve, where our manager himself resides and noted that there  , within the large English, Dutch and Belgian community in the Algarve, a lot of questions rises concerning real estate .  The large differences between the rules and lows to this point in Europe and  Portugal asks for an extra bridge between the two parties.

Exactly that bridge we will be for YOU . On your simple question and in your own language!!

Since we spend  half of our time in the Algarve, we are able to assist YOU at your search to a house or second residens on the spot and also assist you by a lot practical matter. (your flicht to the Algarve -  hiring car - contract legislation) .

Do not hesitate to ask questions by using the contact page.

Welcome in the land of sun and sea.

Welcome in the Algarve!!

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